Residential Aerial Photography

Whether you need aerial photographs of your new home or your family farm, Shore Aerial will provide you with incredible aerials of your project. An aerial photograph of your family homestead, your grandparent’s farm or some other special place makes a great gift that will remain part of your family for generations to come. If you are building a new home or putting on an addition, aerial photographs are a great way to document your progress or display before and after shots. Aerial photographs of your home are generally timeless so it is something that you will usually only do once. Leave it to us to help you preserve your family history and personal memories.

At Shore Aerial Photography, we deliver residential aerials to real estate companies/agents to use on MLS listings. The fact is, MLS listings that have aerial photographs draw more web activity and attention to the MLS listing. By viewing an aerial of a home for sale, the potential buyer can see the entire property and its surroundings.

We offer significant discounts to real estate companies/agents who opt to have several properties shot during the same flight.



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