Home Aerial Photography Considerations

Here are a few things to take into consideration before hiring an aerial photographer to take aerial images of your home:

1) Large trees located in front of the home will often times obstruct the view of the property from the air.  In some, cases, a large amount of tree cover in front of the home may make the home a less than ideal candidate for aerial photography.  In these cases, your aerial photographer should advise you if you should/should not do the project.

2) Schedule your job when your pool cover/solar cover is off.

3) Make sure your garbage pales / recycling containers are not in the front of your home on picture day.

4) Consider removing all vehicles from the driveway.

5) Make sure all white vinyl fence doors/gates are closed.

6) Be sure not to have any contractors at your home (for interior projects) on the picture day so their work trucks are not in the photographs.

7) If possible, let your neighbors know that you hired an aerial photographer so that they do not “panic” if they see a low flying plane, helicopter or UAS in the area.

8) If newspaper is delivered, make sure the paper is taken inside and not left on the front lawn or sidewalk.

9) Determine if the photographs will be delivered to you edited

10) Determine if prints and/or framing is included

11) If a UAS is being used, determine if the aerial photographer has a Section 333 Exemption from the FAA to use a UAS.  This paperwork should be readily available to you by the aerial photographer

12) Request to see the aerial photographer’s liability insurance.  This should be readily available upon request.



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