Meet Our New UAS Pilot: Adam Rasnow

Adam Rasnow has joined the Shore Aerial Team as a part-time UAS pilot.  Adam is pictured here operating one of our drones during the practical portion of his UAS training which includes precision flight maneuvers and emergency procedures.   Once this portion of his training is complete, he will be introduced to camera operations and incorporating the use of the camera into his flying.  In addition, Adam has been studying for his written FAA exam to become a certified Part 107 UAS pilot.  Anyone who has taken this exam before can attest to the fact that, to be successful, it takes hours of home study in topics such as airspace, rules and regulations, weather, crew resource management, airport operations, emergency procedures and preflight/maintenance.

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We are looking for an FAA certified UAS pilot for a part time position in the Summer of 2017.  Please send resume to:

Shore Aerial Photography 
990 Cedarbridge Ave. Suite B7-157
Brick, NJ 08723


Post Fire Aerial


Here is an aerial photo we took following the Ocean Grove, NJ fire on 3/3/17

Inspire One Pro Added to Fleet

The newest addition to Shore Aerial’s fleet of UAVs is the Inspire One Pro by DJI.  The Inspire One allows us to capture ultra high 4k aerial video and amazing still images.   The look of this unit is unlike that of most other UASs.


How far does your UAS fly?

With a device called Lightbridge, the UAS can fly about one mile away from the launch point in any direction (including up). We never fly our UAS out of our line of sight, but that type of range is possible with a Lightbridge system.  Lightbridge is a 2.4G full HD video system downlink made for extreme long distance operations and designed to stream live HD video from the UAS camera to the ground station.

Home Aerial Photography Considerations

Here are a few things to take into consideration before hiring an aerial photographer to take aerial images of your home:

1) Large trees located in front of the home will often times obstruct the view of the property from the air.  In some, cases, a large amount of tree cover in front of the home may make the home a less than ideal candidate for aerial photography.  In these cases, your aerial photographer should advise you if you should/should not do the project.

2) Schedule your job when your pool cover/solar cover is off.

3) Make sure your garbage pales / recycling containers are not in the front of your home on picture day.

4) Consider removing all vehicles from the driveway.

5) Make sure all white vinyl fence doors/gates are closed.

6) Be sure not to have any contractors at your home (for interior projects) on the picture day so their work trucks are not in the photographs.

7) If possible, let your neighbors know that you hired an aerial photographer so that they do not “panic” if they see a low flying plane, helicopter or UAS in the area.

8) If newspaper is delivered, make sure the paper is taken inside and not left on the front lawn or sidewalk.

9) Determine if the photographs will be delivered to you edited

10) Determine if prints and/or framing is included

11) If a UAS is being used, determine if the aerial photographer has a Section 333 Exemption from the FAA to use a UAS.  This paperwork should be readily available to you by the aerial photographer

12) Request to see the aerial photographer’s liability insurance.  This should be readily available upon request.

Shore Aerial Gets FAA Approved To Fly Drones


PHOTOS: Shore Aerial Photography Introduces FAA-Authorized Unmanned Aircraft; First in Area to Receive distinction from Federal Government

shoreShore Aerial Photography is proud to announce it is the first company in the Ocean-Monmouth County area granted federal authorization to utilize an unmanned aircraft system (UAS) to capture stunning high definition photos and videos. With only about 900 such systems authorized for commercial use throughout the county—and even fewer in New Jersey—Shore Aerial Photography is excited to offer its services using this unique aircraft.

“We’re constantly looking for ways to better serve our clients, and our UAS is another way of doing so,” said James Komsa, who co-owns Shore Aerial Photography with his wife, Patricia, of Lakewood’s UEZ. “With this system, we can continue to provide high quality aerial photography services while reducing the fuel and operating costs associated with flying a traditional aircraft. We pass on this savings to our customers, keeping our services affordable.”

Based in central New Jersey, Shore Aerial Photography specializes in commercial and residential aerial photography. Customers include builders, attorneys, real estate agencies, government agencies, homeowners, and many more. All images captured by Shore Aerial Photography are professionally edited for no additional fee, and the client retains all ownership rights to their pictures.

The UAS joins Shore Aerial Photography’s fleet of well-maintained fixed wing aircraft. Known as the FAA 333 Exemption, the authority for Shore Aerial Photography to pilot a UAS for commercial use was granted on July 15, 2015, after the company was vetted through a thorough application process. Though not required to earn the exemption, Komsa, a licensed fixed wing pilot, completed training with Intelligent UAS in Riverdale, Maryland, to ensure he and his staff operate the new system with the utmost concern for safety in our National Airspace.

With six electric motors powered by a rechargeable lithium battery, the UAS, a DJI S900 hexacopter model, has a flight time of about 12 minutes. The lightweight unit is environmentally friendly, does not require gasoline, emits no dangerous emissions, and operates quietly. The professional-grade 24 megapixel camera mounted on the UAS captures stunning photos and high definition video.


Construction Progress

Here is an example of a 13 acre construction project that we’ve documented from the early stages of construction.  Below you can easily see the phases of the project.  Typically, with construction aerials, we are put on a photo schedule by the client (monthly, bi-weekly, etc) and we shoot the project site at the interval selected by the client.  The images are then emailed to the client on the same day.  There is no waiting!!!  We also do the same type of work for homeowners who are doing additions and elevating homes.








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