Aerial Photography Services

There are several different types of aerial photography services but at Shore Aerial Photography, we specialize in oblique (angle) photography. This type of aerial photography is the most common and allows us to display stunning images of your property/project. Our goal is to provide you with photographs of your site that are multi-dimensional, as opposed to rooftop photos, that can easily be acquired from websites such as Google Earth which are taken at a much higher altitude and lack clarity.

At Shore Aerial, we are proud of our products that can be used to serve any number of needs such as:

  • Construction Site Projects
  • Ground Breaking Ceremonies
  • Residential/Commercial Real Estate
  • Marine Aerial Photography
  • Project Completion
  • Variances/Land Use
  • Site Selection
  • Legal Purposes
  • Development
  • Farms/Ranches
  • Storm/Fire Damage
  • Solar Farms
  • Marketing purposes
  • Holiday Gift for Family/Friends

Upon completion of a standard aerial photography project, all images are emailed to the client via a link where the client can download all of the photographs to a computer.  However, clients can customize their package to suit their needs which includes having all images loaded to a thumb drive and mailed to the client.  We encourage you to call or email us with details of your project.

Additional Services

At Shore Aerial Photography we also offer photo printing and framing from our photo lab. Additionally, we offer multi-site discounts which are ideal for real estate and construction companies. In most cases, we can shoot multiple locations during the same flight which significantly reduces the cost to our multi-shoot customers.

We have now added high definition aerial video to our services. All video footage is delivered unedited with no sound so our customers can custom design their video to individual preferences.  However, we can provide edited video for an additional fee.  We also offer professional mapping services including 2D models, 3D models and terrain maps.



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