Aerial Photography FAQ

1) How high do you fly when you take aerial photos?

In general, we photograph from 1000 feet AGL (above ground level) when using a fixed wing plane or helicopter.  With our unmanned aircraft systems, we can photograph as low as 50 feet AGL.

2) What are your current rates?

We are located in central New Jersey which allows us to quickly reach many locations throughout the State.  Pricing varies as it depends upon the distance we have to fly to reach your project location.  Additionally, in some cases we are able to utilize other aerial platforms which can impact the rate. 

We encourage you to request a free quote for your specific project(s).  The quickest way to obtain a rate for your project is request a quote through our website.  In most cases, you will have a proposal emailed to you within 24 hours.

Construction progression aerial photographs are much more cost effective than an individual job as we typically shoot the construction site multiple times a year which drives the price down.  

Prices are also reduced for Real Estate Agents.  We also offer special pricing to shoot a live event (outdoor wedding, BBQ, sporting event, etc..)

3) What format do you take your photos?

Unless otherwise requested by our customers, we take each photo in JPEG format.

4) Can you print my photos for me?

Yes, we do offer printing and framing services.  All of our images are printed at our state-of-the-art lab and will not fade over time when exposed to sun.

5) How long will it take to get my photos?

Upon receipt of your deposit, our turn-around time is usually one week or less depending upon weather conditions.

6) Am I allowed to fly as a passenger when you take my aerial photos?

No, due to insurance and FAA regulations, Shore Aerial is not permitted to take passengers on photo flights.

7) Who owns the copyrights to the photos after they are taken?

All copyrights to the photographs are turned over to the customer upon delivery. We do not charge any additional copyright fees.

8) Do you offer any discounts?

Yes, we do offer multi-site discounts on the same flight.  This is common for real estate agencies and construction companies.  Groups of neighbors, who live on the same street, frequently take advantage of multi-site discounts by sharing the expense.  Please contact us for additional information.

9) Do you fly the plane and take the pictures at the same time?

No, we always have two pilots on the aircraft, one of which is a commercial pilot.

10) What if I want an aerial video of my project?

We do offer high definition aerial video in addition to still images.  All of our aerial video is delivered to our customers unedited and without sound.  The purpose of this is so that the customer can edit the video to individual preferences/uses.  Upon request, we can provide edited video for an additional fee.

11) Do you use drones (UASs) for aerial photography?

In addition to utilizing fixed wing airplanes and helicopters, we also use drones (UASs) for aerial photography work.  Shore Aerial Photography is approved by the FAA to use drones/UASs for commercial purposes.  Our drones/UASs produce the same high resolution image quality as the camera we use on a plane/helicopter.  When using a drone/UAS for a project, a tremendous savings is passed onto the customer due to the low operating costs of the drone/UAS.

12) Do you have insurance?  

Yes, Shore Aerial Photography is fully insured.  We carry a $1 million general liability insurance policy.  Proof of our insurance is available to all of our clients upon request.

13) Do you offer ground photography?

No, we specialize strictly in aerial photography.  However, we have an excellent working relationship with several local ground photographers and videographers.

14) So what is the first step to get started?

On our website there is a quote request box where you can fill out some basic details of your project.  We will then email a project proposal to you within 24 hours of the receipt of your quote request.  Upon acceptance of the proposal, we put your project on our schedule for that week.

15) Do you offer aerial mapping?

Yes we do provide 2D and 3D aerial mapping.  We deliver professional maps and models to meet the needs of any industry.



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